Sunday, January 8, 2012

Deer Garden Signatures

Deer Garden is actually one of my favorite places to go to (and hot pot) especially now in this cold rainy weather in Vancouver. This restaurant currently have two branches in Richmond, one on Alexandra Rd and one on Sexsmith Rd (Continental Plaza). If you compare the two  Deer Gardens, the only difference of the two is the parking space available on each location. The branch on Sexsmith Rd (Continental Plaza) compared to the Alexandra Rd one has more parking space available.. which is good! So most of the time I tend to just head over to the Sexsmith Rd branch so that I won't have to get frustrated over having to look for a parking space on the Alexandra Rd location. Every time we go to Deer Garden however, we usually have to wait for quite a while before getting a table because of the amount of people that always go to this place! Although the wait is quite long sometimes.. I think this place is worth the wait.. especially if your looking for some reasonably priced Chinese food that you can customize according to your liking.

Malay Laksa soup with flat noodles, fish balls, beef balls, and beef brisket
Szechuan spicy soup with instant noodles, fish fillet, pumpkin slices and bean curd 
Original fish soup with instant noodles, fish balls and fish tofu
Szechuan spicy soup, instant noodles, fish fillet, pumpkin slices, enoki mushrooms and bean curd
Original fish soup, instant noodles, beef brisket, tofu puff and bean curd
 Pumpkin and Tomato fish soup, spaghetti noodles, pumpkin slices, fish balls and fish tofu
Chicken Curry 
 Side order of Chicken terriyaki

 Corn Beef and Egg Sandwich
 Watercress and Almonds Fish Soup, Pumpkins, Fish Balls and Fish Tofu
Pan Seared Pork Chop with Red Wine Demi Glaze
 Iced lemon tea

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