Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Suhang Restaurant

Suhang is one of my favorite go to places for Shanghai food! This place not only has one of the best services in most Shanghai restaurants but also one of the best tasting restaurant in Richmond. I've been to Suhang for how many times now.. and the service and food haven't changed one bit. This time however, me and my family decided to have an impromptu celebration at home so when my mom asked me what kind of food we wanted to order in, I quickly suggested Suhang.. since I was craving their beggar's chicken for quite some time now.  Even though we ordered take out this time.. the food was still amazing and well cooked.. plus, the manager was kind enough to give us 2 free desserts to take home as well so my customer service rating for this place is still pretty good (so far). Although parking is quite tight, this restaurant should be on everyone's list of go to Shanghai restaurants in Richmond.

Marinated Bean Curd with Special Vegetables
Pea Tips
Spare Rib with Vinegar Sauce
Braised Pork Hock with Brown Sauce
Mud-Baked Chicken Hangzhou Style (Beggar's Chicken)
Rock Cod with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Red Bean Pancake Dessert
 Coconut Jello Dessert 

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