Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yew Restaurant + Bar

Last weekend my family and I went to have lunch at Yew Restaurant + Bar at The Four Seasons Hotel. The restaurant is well known for their full event brunch on the weekends, where you can choose one item from their "To Start, To Follow and To Finish" menu for only $29. They also have a new section on their menu called "Lobster Signatures" where you can choose to include into their 3 course brunch (with an additional charge of $11 on top of the price of the lobster item). The restaurant is actually quite convenient since Yew can also be accessed through Pacific Center (through a door that connects the mall to the hotel right across from H&M) so parking won't be as hard compared to most restaurants in downtown. Another benefit of Yew is that you don't have to leave the mall if your thinking of eating there (especially in this weird unpredictable weather we've been having lately). 

 For a 3 course meal in a hotel that comes along with great quality, taste, ambiance and service for $29, is such a good deal to pass! So If your thinking of having brunch one weekend, I'd suggest you to go and try out Yew! You won't be disappointed!

 Complimentary Mini Donuts - It was so goooood!

Cod Chowder
 Seafood Arancini
 Albacore Tuna Roll
Steak & Eggs
Lobster BLT - Worth paying extra $11 for! 
 The Burger - a bit dry but maybe because it was well done instead of medium rare
Tuna Nicoise
Ice Cream for Two - I hate marshmallow so I didn't like it as much as I thought I would but it would have been better without the marshmallow ice cream though.

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