Saturday, March 31, 2012

FIsherman's Terrace Seafood

Fisherman's Terrace is another Chinese restaurant that my family and I have been to countless times ever since I was a kid when they were still located by London Drugs on No.3 rd. Currently however, they are located in a more convenient location at Aberdeen Center where there's more parking spaces available and where it's indoors! So when your planning to go have Dim sum or dinner on a rainy day, you won't get as wet as you would be when it was located at their old place. Today, my mom was craving Dim sum and since we have to go do some errands in Aberdeen today, she suggested we go to Fisherman's for lunch.

Baked Bbq Pork Buns

MInced Beef Parsley Soup
Mixed Vegetable Soup
Pork Dumplings (Siomai)
Steamed Bbq Pork Buns
Bean Curd Rolls with Seaweed and Enoki Mushrooms
Stir Fried Veggie with Gingko Nuts

Fisherman's Terrace Seafood 釣魚台海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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