Saturday, August 11, 2012

HK Bbq Master

My mom's sudden craving for Bbq pork led me to one place and one place only.. HK Bbq Master! Located on 4651 on no. 3 road inside Superstore's parking lot, this small bbq shop is not to be judged! In fact, it should be admired! Why? because they have one of the best tasting Chinese bbq meats around town! I don't really know what they put on their meat to make it taste so good compared to other Chinese bbq shops here, but it's been attracting customers from all over Richmond and Vancouver ever since they opened! The place is quite small to begin with but they do have a couple of tables and chairs for customers who wants to dine in. When your planning on just going for take out however, there's usually a long line that goes out the door (insane right? and it's just for Chinese Bbq!). The wait isn't really as bad as it looks like because the servers are pretty quick and efficient at attending customers so you'll pretty much be out the door with your piece of meat in no time! Also, being located inside Superstore's parking lot has it's benefits.. such as.. free parking! (YEY!) I will admit sometimes it's hard to find a good parking spot at certain times of the day, but I guess it just depends on what time you go and how patient you are to wait for one. The prices that they charge here ranges from $5.99 - $9.50 for their rice combos and then from $8 - $12.50 for half or $16 - $25 for the whole thing (without rice). I think it might still be pricey for some people but I promise you though that if you finally get a chance to try out their meat/s, I'm sure you'll understand why people love to go to HK Bbq Master!

 Bbq Pork on rice ($5.99): Soft, Chewy and cooked well. Super love the black parts of the bbq pork! especially when it's smothered in their sauce!
Roasted Pork on rice ($6.99): Since I grew up in the Philippines, I'm so used to putting Mang Thomas (Sauce for roasted pig) on any roasted pork dish that I eat. The pork tasted good by itself.. it was soft and nicely cooked but with Mang Thomas.. it tasted even better!

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