Friday, August 17, 2012

Pajo's Fish & Chips

It's been really really warm lately and as much as I would love to go out and enjoy the outdoors, it's really hard not to get a headache from walking outside especially with the up and down temperatures that we've been having over the last couple of weeks. Also, since we don't have centralized air con at home, it's seems even warmer to stay indoors (even with the windows open and our electric fan on high) than to go outside. So when my family and I were deciding on where we could go, Steveston seemed to be like the best place to not only enjoy and make the most of the weather, but also satisfy my sister's craving for fish and chips!

We haven't been to Pajo's in a while, so I was really excited to go for fish & chips! Normally Pajo's is only open on certain days during Fall/Spring, but in the summer time they are open every single day from 11am to 8pm. We were pretty early when we arrived that day so there wasn't as much people yet as opposed to when you go there during peak eating hours. We were also lucky enough to have gotten a nice table by the shade so we wouldn't be directly exposed to the sunlight. When it was finally time for us to order however, we were kind of worried that each of us wouldn't be able to finish a large order by ourselves so our solution was to just order one large halibut fish & chips and one large cod fish & chips to share.

Both the halibut and the cod were nicely fried and crispy on the outside, but I ended up liking the cod better than the halibut. It's not that I don't like eating halibut (I do!) but for some reason the cod just tasted better that day. The cod was soft and smooth on the inside and then crispy on the outside while the halibut was a bit more dense than normal. Both fishes were still good but I just preferred the cod better. The fries on the other hand was something that I wasn't happy with. I will admit I am a huge sucker for french fries! It's one thing that I can't resist! whether it's just plain french fries or a dressed up poutine, I'll still eat it either way! But the fries at Pajo's was really disappointing! It was really soggy and super oily! I was thinking that maybe it was soggy because the fries were at the bottom of the fish so the heat (from the fries) couldn't get through. I'm not completely sure if that's really the case but that could be a possibility. Maybe if they served the fries in another cone or a different container, it wouldn't be as soggy as it should have been? or better yet, maybe even crispier to eat! Also, every fish & chips order comes with it's very own tartar sauce. I'm not really sure though if they charge you extra for more tartar sauce (because usually i just dip mine in both tartar sauce and ketchup so I never run out of sauce) but I know that they have a couple of other sauces to choose from on the side (unless of course you want gravy then they charge you $1.25 for it). It is quite pricey to eat at Pajo's especially if you also order drinks and/or additional side items but If you want to lower the cost of your meal, I would suggest sharing a drink (if your planning to order pop) because pop is refillable! Although our bill came out to be much more expensive than expected, we still enjoyed our relaxing day at Steveston.

Cod Fish & Chips
 Halibut Fish & Chips

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