Sunday, February 12, 2012

Imperial City Bistro

Imperial City Bistro is a new Chinese restaurant located at 140-3671 Westminster Hwy (around the area of Terra Nova). I super love Shanghai food and this place does not disappoint! Although the place is a bit smaller than most Chinese restaurants, the quality of service and food that they provide makes up for it. The price is also very reasonable for the taste and amount of food that you get. The owner was even kind enough to entertain us during our meal.. he even made sure he said goodbye to us as we were leaving! All I can say is that I think I have a new favorite restaurant to add onto my list of go to Chinese restaurants. 

Pan Fried Pork Dumpling
Their Pan Fried Chives Dumpling is another one of my favorites, I practically ate the whole dish by myself.
Their Chinese Donut, to my surprise, aren't as oily as most chinese donuts are.
Soy Milk
Pan Fried Cabbage Pecking Style
Steamed Pork Bun
Their Spare Rib in Vinegar Sauce was amazingly delicious! (especially the sauce!) It was really hard for me to stop eating them.
Their Mu-Shu Pork with Crepes is very unique compared to the usual pork wraps that most Shanghai restaurants have.
Dessert: Sticky rice rolls with red bean

I don't have a picture of this but another must try item from this restaurant is their Sweet and Sour Rock Cod! (Compared to other places, their portion is bigger and tastier). The last time I was here we got to order this but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it.. Oops! Maybe in another post when I go back to have my weekly dose of Shanghai food.

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