Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rhino's Kitchen

Rhino's Kitchen is one of the many restaurants that Top Gun Group owns. Top Gun's restaurants are usually very well known for their quality of service and food however Rhino's Kitchen is a mix of both good and bad. They also have the noodle combo where you can choose your own soup, noodles and toppings but one of the things that I don't like about their noodle combo is that you are only allowed to choose three toppings and nothing more. Not only that, almost all of their soup choices practically taste the same (Maybe that's just me.. I still prefer deer garden's choices and soup better). The good side on the other hand is that some of their other dishes are better tasting. They're not the best ones but they're better than the noodles.. then again there's always room for improvement.

 Cream of Mushroom 
Pumpkin and Tomato Soup, Rice Noodle, Enoki Mushroom, Pumpkins, Fish Cake
The pumpkin is still raw so it's still pretty hard to bite into.
The soup on the other hand is so so.
Roasted Rack of Lamb in Rosemary Sauce - surprisingly delicious
Baked Spaghetti with Cheese and Meat Sauce - not bad
 Malaysia Spicy Soup, Flat Rice Noodle, Beef Tendon, Fish ball, Beef Brisket
 Pork Tenderloin
Spicy Soup, Instant Noodles, Fish Slices, Pumpkin, Fish Tofu Cube
The pumpkin is also very hard on this one and then the soup tastes bland, it seems like they just added in a tablespoon of chilli oil into their original soup.

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