Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tokyo Joe's Ramen Okawari

After an intense day of shopping, me and my family decided to go have Japanese food for dinner. We wanted to try something new so we decided to go to Tokyo Joe's Ramen Okawari since we've never been there before. The place is actually right across from their first Tokyo Joe's restaurant so if this place is full you can just walk across the street to their other restaurant.. It's pretty convenient actually.

Their Salmon sashimi is a bit pricey compared to other Japanese restaurants but the thickness of the slices makes up for it.
The Mt. Fuji Roll is a bit spicy but it's very delicious.
Alaska + Cream Cheese roll (pretty good)
and Dragon roll (not as good as I expected it to be)
I really liked the uniqueness of their Gomae (with black sesame)
Their yakisoba is a bit oily for my liking
Yam tempura

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