Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doughnut Adventure part 3: Outpost Mini Donuts Co.

I've been eating quite a number of doughnuts lately and let me tell you it's really really bad for my diet! But for some reason I've been craving them for like the past week or two and my taste buds are still looking for these sweet treats! Besides trying out Cartems and Lucky's Doughnuts last week, I found a new place (well maybe not new to some but it's new to me!) that specializes in just mini doughnuts in Richmond.

Mini Donuts are one of my favorite things to eat and one of my ultimate guilty pleasures that I'll never get tired of! (besides frozen yogurt). The only chances that I get to have my mini doughnuts are either I'm at Rogers Arena watching a concert or a show, whenever I'm in Granville Island or at the night market. And since the night market is only open in the summer time on weekends, it's quite a hassle to drive all the way to Granville Island when I'm craving for mini doughnuts, especially since I have to be in Richmond most of the time. So when I came across a small doughnut shop in Steveston the other day, I was just so excited because 1. It's a mini doughnut shop! 2. It's in Richmond! (YEY!) and 3. It just smelled really really good! Normally when I go to Steveston I don't usually pass by the area where the doughnut shop is but for some reason I decided to go towards the shop's direction that day and let me tell you.. It was my lucky day! You might think I'm crazy but I'm the type of person who gets excited by just thinking about food or talking about food especially when it comes to my favorites! So imagine my excitement when I saw a mini doughnut shop hidden behind a stairway! (excitement overload!)

The front of the store looks really cute with a whole bunch of mini donuts on display and when you enter the store, you feel like your entering someone's living room but only with a kitchen set up half way into the room. The girl that was helping us out was also very nice to make new ones for us and since there's only a glass that covers up the counter and the doughnut machine, you can see the machine pop out mini donuts on the spot so it was pretty cool! There are several flavors to choose from in their menu: Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Chocolate Icing, Vanilla Icing and Maple Icing, but we ended up deciding on just cinnamon sugar doughnuts that day. Costing at about $4.25 for 6pcs and $6.25 for a dozen (not really cheap), I really like how you can also have the option of doing a mix and match of whichever doughnut you would like in your order. This way at least you get a chance to try out all of the flavors that they offer. I actually didn't get a chance to try out the other flavors yet but I guarantee you on my next visit.. I'm gonna be getting a couple of each to bring home and try! It was also my first time going to Outpost Mini Donuts that day and I would have to say that their doughnuts are pretty darn good! I did feel guilty after though because I ended up eating a whole cone full of mini doughnuts by myself.. but it was just that good that I couldn't resist myself! (so I guess it was a good thing we got two cones instead of one or else my family wouldn't have a chance to try it!) 

Overall I would have to say that even though this place might not be the best mini doughnut shop here in BC, it is however the best place to get mini doughnuts (all year round) here in Richmond.

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