Monday, June 11, 2012

Doughnut Adventures part 1: Cartems Donuterie

I love love everything about doughnuts! The soft cakey texture that it has and the impact of sweet flavors that you get as it melts in your mouth.. it's just one of the best guilty pleasures that mankind has ever made! Writing this post is actually making me excited! Because I'm so thrilled to share with you guys our doughnut adventure last Saturday to two of my new favorite doughnut shops here in Vancouver.

Normally, I would prefer eating mini doughnuts rather than normal ones but these two doughnut shops converted me into a crazy doughnut loving girl! When I say crazy, I meant going on a doughnut frenzy with my sister and eating/trying out an equivalent of 4 1/2 doughnuts (calorie overload) all in one day! This doughnut adventure that we had started after we had lunch in Richmond on a Saturday. We didn't actually have anything planned after and we had nothing else to do so we just decided to head over to Gastown to do some window shopping since the weather was nice enough for us to go walk outside. I figured since we were already in the area, we might as well pay a visit to Cartems Donuterie to grab some of their awesome doughnuts to eat/try out and bring home. Our first stop on our doughnut adventure led us to 408 Carrell street, where Cartems' pop up shop is located. The store may be a little hard to find at first because the sign outside is quite small but unlike other doughnut shops in Vancouver, Cartems' doughnuts are very unique in their flavor and just insanely good! Their doughnuts were light and moist but at the same time were still full of flavor! The amount of toppings/glaze on each of their doughnuts were just right and the sweetness level is just perfect! It's not too sweet and it's not bland.. it was just perfect! Everything about their doughnuts is balanced out right down to it's core! Even in their ingredients, everything that they use come from local businesses and farms so not only does Cartems make great doughnuts, they are sustainable in their actions as well! (double thumbs up for Cartems!). 

They had quite a variety of flavors to choose from that day but out of all that they had, we decided on getting the Naomi, Bee Sting, Carrot Cake, Blueberry Ginger, Cinnamon Sugar, and Citrus Dust. I've actually been reading a lot about Cartems' Earl Grey and Maker's Bourbon Bacon on other food blogs as well and I was really really curious to try it! but unfortunately they didn't have any of the two that day! (Bummer!) but I guess this just gives me another reason to go back to Cartems another time. Out of the six that we got,  my personal favorite is the Bee Sting, I just couldn't get enough of it! They use their special house honey and infused it with Cassia flowers for the glaze and then finished it off with Parmesan and a crack of fresh pepper. The combination of the flavors was just perfect that I was really sad when I finished eating it because we only bought one! (At least now, I know which one I should buy more of on my next visit!) Another thing about Cartems too is that their doughnuts aren't cheap, it costs about $3 for one, $15 for 6 and $27 for 12. It's a bit pricey for a doughnut but If you think about it your mostly paying for the taste and quality of their doughnuts. I guarantee you though that paying $3 won't seem so bad anymore after you've tried it because they do make great tasting doughnuts!

Overall, I would have to say that Cartems Donuterie is one of the best places to go to for doughnuts. Even though the price may be a bit more than other places, I think it's worth paying every penny for the uniqueness of the flavors and the quality that you get. This is also one of the reason why Cartems is one of my favorite go to spots when it comes to doughnuts because they are just really good at what they're doing and it clearly shows in the products that they make.

Left column (Top to bottom): Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Sugar and Blueberry Ginger
Right column (Top to bottom): Naomi, Bee Sting and Citrus Dust 

After excitedly buying a box full of doughnuts at Cartems, our doughnut adventure didn't exactly end here and to think we already have enough doughnuts for 6 people! We actually ended up going to another shop up on Main street that has one of the best tasting Apple Bacon Fritters in town! (for me at least). So stay tuned for part 2 of our doughnut adventure on my next post! :)

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