Friday, June 1, 2012

Qoola (Oakridge)

If you were to let me choose whether I would have ice cream or frozen yogurt for dessert or maybe even as a replacement meal for either breakfast, lunch or dinner.. I would definitely 100% tell you I would choose.. frozen yogurt! When Qoola closed in Aberdeen Center, I was devastated (no joke) because I always go get frozen yogurt almost every week, no matter how cold or bad the weather is outside. Besides Timothy's, Qoola is one of my favorite places to go to for frozen yogurt. One of the reasons why is because they have the self serve option for their customers. I just love the idea of being able to put in and control how much I want to eat, how much toppings to put in and how many flavors of yogurt I want to mix in. And compared to other places I've been to, I also just preferred Qoola's original flavor better than the original flavors of other places. So when I found out that Qoola recently opened in Oakridge Mall, I just had to go there immediately and get my weekly cravings of frozen yogurt! Since there's no more branch in Richmond, the closest Qoola that I can get to now is Oakridge. Although it's quite far (around 15-20 min drive), this location is still closer than going all the way to Metrotown mall. This post also goes to shows how far I would go just to get frozen yogurt (even if it means driving all the way to Oakridge or Metrotown mall).

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  1. Qoola is still in Aberdeen mall. they moved upstairs in the foodcourt

    1. The Qoola in the food court has been closed for a while now..