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Haroo is a small Korean restaurant located on Alexandra Road in the same mall as Michigan, Cattle Cafe and Deer Garden. I've always passed by this place but never got a chance to try it out until a few days ago when my mom suddenly had a craving for Korean food. The decision to go to Haroo that day was perfect because we were going out for lunch on a weekday at around 12:30pm, which meant more chances of finding parking on Alexandra Rd and a 50/50 chance of not having to wait so long for a table. And Surprise surprise! we were right! Parking wasn't full and when we walked in the restaurant we immediately got a table! so credits to my mom for craving Korean food that day! When you enter the restaurant, the place is decorated with a very homey vibe. It's like your going into cooking mama's real world version of her kitchen/dining room. The guy that was serving us ( I think he's the owner) was very polite and friendly but I think when we went he was the only one serving customers and doing all the work at the front. I hope there's more servers at night because if he's by himself and it gets busy then service will be slow. Although we had to wait a bit for the food, after taking my first bite, I think it was worth the wait especially their Seafood Pancake! It was lighter and thinner than Jang Mo Jib's and it has more kinds of seafood in it which makes it taste even better (for me). The atmosphere also helped in the waiting part because it made us feel like we were in someone's home especially since there's also Korean shows playing in the background (or maybe I'm just so used to hearing my mom's Korean shows playing at home).

If you haven't had a chance to visit yet and your thinking of going but don't know what to order. I would highly recommend trying out their Bibimbap, Seafood pancake, and their Bulgogi rice or just get their lunch specials for only $9.95! You can choose from a couple of different combos like the ones that we ordered such as Bibimbap or Bulgogi Rice and it usually comes with a couple of side dishes and either tofu soup, rice cake, bulgogi soup or something else (depending on which set you order of course).

Since we went during lunch, the parking and waiting part wasn't much of an issue but if your planning to go to Haroo for dinner, I would suggest going early because this place fills up pretty fast at night especially on weekends!

Tofu Soup + Bulgogi Rice lunch set
 Pajeon (Korean Style Pancake)
 Tofu Soup + Bibimbap lunch set
 Tofu Soup

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