Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whole Foods (Cambie)

My sisters and I were at the Cambie location of Bestbuy the other day to look at some new movies that we could buy to watch (Yes, we still buy DVDs!).  Even though I must admit we are the type of people who loves going to the movies during opening weekend to watch new movies, we still love buying DVDs to watch at home especially when the weather sucks and we have nothing else to do. Since it was already around dinner time when we went, it seemed such a great idea to just grab dinner at Whole Foods after since 1. we haven't been to Whole Foods in a while and 2. We were really really hungry! We had to choose between Save On or Whole Foods.. and of course, we just had to choose Whole Foods! If you guys haven't been to their Cambie branch before, you are in for a treat!

When we arrived, we immediately went straight to their hot/cold food section where a long buffet line of food was calling out our names! We were so hungry that we went quite a little overboard with our excitement! (way way overboard!) On the side, they have different sized containers that you can get according to how much food you want. You can mix and match whatever you would like on the salad bar or hot food area and then just bring it to the cashier when your done. It was pretty fun getting whatever we wanted but the shocking part was when we went to pay for our food. Whole Foods actually charges you by weight, unless you prefer getting a prepackaged one or you can also ask someone to get some for you at the deli/salad/hot food counter. Since we kinda got too excited, this led us into getting too much food.. so when the cashier punched in the weight of our containers, our bill actually came out to around $70 with 3 drinks and tax! Let me tell you were we shocked! But as expensive as it may be, we did enjoy their food a lot and surprisingly we were able to finish everything! (Thank God!) It was the most expensive supermarket food that we ever got but the quality of food is non the less good! Even though it's not 5 star restaurant quality food, it can be considered as 5 star supermarket quality food.

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