Friday, July 6, 2012

West Lake Vietnamese Restaurant

My little sister went to the dentist the other day to get her teeth checked and since her appointment was around 11:30 am, we decided to go grab lunch at West Lake since our dentist's office is only one store down from the restaurant. I haven't been to West Lake before and I was surprised to see how the place looks cleaner than most Pho places here in Richmond. Although usually a lot of my friends would say the dirtier the place, the better the pho! (or maybe that's just the people I know) this place isn't actually that bad taste wise even though it's cleaner looking compared to a lot of Pho places that I usually go to (such as Pho Lan). Located on a strip mall on no.3 road (105-4800 no.3 road Richmond, BC), West Lake is known for their create your own pho option where you can customize your own bowl of Pho according to how you like it. You start by either choosing a small or large bowl of Pho and then choose up to 3 toppings from the choices that they give you (Rare Beef, Beef Flank, Beef Ball, White Radish, Tendon, Tripe, Chicken Meat Ball, and Vietnamese Ham). They also offer great deals on their lunch combos where you can choose any entree, appetizer and drink from their lunch menu (depending on which combo you get) for either $9 or $10 (which is an awesome deal if you ask me). In a place like this, you won't really expect great service especially for cheap Pho, and to be honest I really don't mind it as much just as long as the Pho is good! Based on my past experiences on finding a parking spot in this area (from eating at boiling point and our visits to the dentist), the parking is not as bad as most places but then again I've only been here on weekdays so I'm not really sure if it might be more crowded on the weekends. Compared to most Pho places that I've tried here in Richmond, West Lake is in the middle of my food scale (which is: not that bad but it's not the best, and there are other places that are better). I would still prefer going to either Pho Viet, Pho Lan, Lemongrass or Pho Hoa for Pho but since a lot of people have different tastes I would recommend you guys to go give this place a try, you'll never know maybe you might end up really liking this place!

 Rare Beef Noodle Soup
 House Special Noodle Soup
 Shrimp Salad Roll
 Vegetable Salad Roll
 Side Order: Soup
Bbq RIbs 

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  1. just wanted to say i love your blog! please keep it up. i'm a fan! :)