Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jang Mo Jib (Richmond)

Eating is one of my favorite things to do and one of the reasons why is because usually you get to surround yourself and spend time with the people you love the most. Having my family here from the Philippines was a great reason for us to go out, celebrate and eat! so when we were deciding as to where to go for dinner the other night, my mom suggested to go to Jang Mo Jib since they have big dishes, great tasting food and a lot of parking spots for us to park in.

Located on Alexandra Road beside Sheraton hotel, Jang Mo Jib is well known for their delicious and quite expensive Korean food. This restaurant is an amazing choice if your eating with a large party because of their huge portions of food and their all you can eat side dishes! I mean who's to argue with refillable food? even if it's just kimchi or potatoes, I'm happy with that! (Better than nothing right?) Their food is pretty darn good especially when it comes to their hotpots, noodles and chicken wings. Whenever we come here we would usually order their Ghal Bee JJim (hotpot), Yang Nyum Chicken (if you love spicy food, the spicier the better!), Jab Che (Sweet potato noodles), Hae Mool Pah Jun (Seafood Pancake), Tohng Gal Bee (Beef short ribs), Bibimbap and their Bool Go Gee (Stir fried beef rib eye). The food might be a bit on the heavier side though since there's a lot of meat, carbs and refillable side dishes, but I think it's still worth taking in the calories especially if it's awesome Korean food! One of my favorite things about eating in a Korean restaurant too is because of their tea. I do love tea in general but there's just something special about Korean teas that makes it unique. It has a very different taste compared to what Chinese and Japanese restaurants offer and for me it just taste way waaaaay better! 

What I also like about Jang Mo Jib is that the restaurant itself is very spacious, so you don't really have to worry about being seated in a cramped area. Also, parking in this location is better than other restaurants located on Alexandra Rd because (guess what??) they have their very own back parking lot! (Yey!) so even though we went on a Friday night there's still tons of spots for me to park! Which is super awesome because less pain for the driver! (aka ME!). Overall I would have to say that even though Jang Mo Jib's price range is on the higher side, it's still worth indulging yourself to a Korean feast once in a while.. especially if you're getting the quality and taste that you're paying for.

 Jab Che
 Gahl Bee Sal Bool Go Gee
Side order of lettuce
Gahl Bee Jjim

 Yang Nyum Chicken
 Hae Mool Pah Jun

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