Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yew Restaurant + Bar (revisited)

My family and I decided to go to have a nice lunch at Yew to spend some quality time together and to make up for the gloomy weather Vancouver was having yesterday. The last time I was here, I did a post about their weekend brunch ---> Yew Restaurant + Bar  where they have their infamous 3 course brunch (appetizer, entree and dessert included) for only $29! and just in case you guys are wondering if they still have it.. they do! Every weekend! ;)

Being a Friday, I was really surprised at how busy it was since it was already 1pm when we got there and we still ended up waiting for about 45 min before we were given a table. Non the less, the food and service that we got was still amazing so that made up for the 45 min wait that our stomachs had to endure. What I really like about Yew is that the service that they provide you is consistently exceptional! The server that we got was very accommodating throughout our whole meal. When we asked for bread, she nicely explained to us that she didn't want to give us the bread that they have left at the moment because it was already stale but as soon as the kitchen finishes baking the new batches of scones and rolls, she'll deliver it to us immediately. Even though the bread took a while to make and she gave it to us when we were half way into our meal, she was still nice enough to give us two batches of newly baked bread after she saw how my mom loved the first batch that she brought us. She even gave us new set of drinks without us having to ask her for it! so i'm totally giving her a two thumbs on this one!

On a side note.. Yew is also having a promotion going on called "Foxy Fridays" where guests wearing the color pink will be given a free chef's creation appetizer! This also qualifies for the guys by the way.. so guys don't be ashamed to wear some pink when you go to Yew on Fridays! The promo is only on during Fridays from 2:30pm til closing so make sure to remember that Pink is the color if your going to Yew on a Friday!

 Halibut: Seared Haida Gwaii Halibut, Lemon & Spinach, Creme Orzo, Feta Cheese, Oregano & Lemon Olive Oil
Mac & Cheese:Garganelli Pasta, White Cheddar, Summer Truffle Cream
 Shrimp Brioche w/ Kennebec Fries: Hand peeled Shrimp, Grilled Brioche, Avocado, Lime Alioli & Butter Lettuce

Dungeness Crab Roll w/ Kennebec fries: Avocado, Daikon, Vermicelli Noodle, Spicy Apricot & Peach Sauce

Warm Fruit Crumble

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