Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Las Vegas summer 2012: Cosmopolitan's "Wicked Spoon" buffet

The second buffet that we went to on this trip was to another one of our neighbor hotels called the Cosmopolitan. If you guys haven't been to Vegas yet or haven't been back in a while, Cosmopolitan is a new hotel on the strip that recently opened a few years ago that's super modern and chic.

When you enter the restaurant, you'd be surprised at how grand and elegant the place looks like. From the design of the sitting area to the layout of the buffet line, you'll be as excited as I am when you walk into the place filled with the overflowing sight and smell of food! What I really liked about this place is that most of their items are already portioned out for you in small plates or containers, so instead of over eating or getting too much food on your plate, you'll have the right amount of servings of each item to try without filling yourself up too much. Their dessert section is also quite an eye opener! With numerous drool worthy items such as chocolate covered strawberries, bread pudding, tiramisu, chocolate mousse,  strawberry shortcake, carrot cake, gelato, and many more. It was absolutely dessert heaven! and it just made me want to dive right into their desserts first before digging in to their entrees.

We actually arrived at the restaurant around 8pm but since the restaurant closes at 9, I was a bit worried whether or not an hour was enough for us to fully enjoy and savor their buffet. Usually buffets in Las Vegas or Asia are very overwhelming especially when you see how long of a line their buffets are and how much food are on every section of the line. Luckily when I asked our server about this, she told me that they do close at 9pm however the food stations closes at 9:15 (so that gives us another 15 min after closing to grab all of the food that we want to eat!), drinks are still being offered til 9:30 and then customers can stay and finish their food until 10pm (Thank God!). When it came down to the food, you can easily see the quality of their execution for each item. You could even see the chefs preparing each item one by one so you know that everything is made fresh on the spot. What did bother me a bit though was the long line for the seafood. It was kind of annoying because the location of the cooking station for the mussels/clams is directly beside the king crab so when there's a line, the king crab section is always blocked off with people. Other than the frustration over the line, I did have a number of favorite items (Risotto, Fried Tomatoes, Parmesan Shrimp, Lasagna, Mac & Cheese and etc) but when it finally came to their dessert.. Their bread pudding was by far one of the best tasting ones that I've had (out of all the buffets that I've been to) on the Strip! No joke! It was so good, I ended up finishing two servings of it! Let me tell you, my love for bread pudding is like my love for frozen yogurt, fruit cobbler (but the topping has to be super crumbly!) and mini doughnuts! I will never get tired of eating them! That's why whenever I go to buffets or all you can eats, these items are usually what I look for/attack first when I scan the dessert section.

Another factor that stands out from the Wicked Spoon is the quality of their service. The server that we got that night was exceptional! She was very friendly, quick and accommodating during our entire meal. Her attitude never changed the whole time and she didn't even rush us to leave even though the restaurant was already closed (Talk about amazing patience and great service right there!).

Normally, I don't usually eat this late at night when I'm in Vancouver especially when it comes to buffets (even though late night all you can eat Japanese is very common in our city's culture nowadays when it comes to food after 9pm). But since I'm already in Las Vegas and I'm on vacation.. I practically went all out with my eating and just forgot about my diet for the whole 7 days that I was there. You can literally see the huge smile on my face every time I took a bite of my food. It was really paradise for me.. now if only I had a time machine.. I could just rewind my whole trip and experience everything all over again.
Still literally mind blown!

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  1. Cosmo is not by MGM.

    1. thanks for correcting me on that.. already fixed it! :)