Monday, July 23, 2012

Top Gun J&C (Richmond)

My family and I decided to go have brunch at Top Gun the other day and since it was on a weekend, we were already expecting the worst. We arrived there around 1:30pm and just as we predicted, it was still packed with people! Although we ended up only waiting for 30min, it still seemed quite a long time for us because it was already 1:30pm and we were starving! Located at 8766 McKim Way, on the second floor in a strip mall right across from Bubble Queen.Top Gun J&C is a very well known Chinese restaurant here in Richmond that serves one of the best Chinese foods around. If your planning to come here, this place won't be as busy as coming on a weekend but like other Chinese restaurants here, they do fill up pretty fast especially for dim sum! Since they are located in the same mall with a couple of other businesses, they only have a few parking spots allocated for customers to park in so parking might be an issue. However, you can park on the side walk (street parking)
but of course it's not free (as if anything in this world is ever free!).
Whenever we would come here, we would usually order their Baked Bbq Pork Buns (they make the best ones out of all the dim sum places here in Richmond!), Egg Tarts, Baked Durian Pastry, Deep Fried Taro Root in Sugar, Pan Fried Stuffed Tofu, Sticky Rice w/ Diced Pork, Steamed Chicken and Sausage Rice, Steamed Sponge Cake, Red Bean Almond Tofu and their Baked Black Sesame Pudding. 

Top Gun used to close one day during the week but starting July 1, they are going to be open from 9:00am - 3:00pm and then 5:30pm - 10:00pm every single day now so good news to all Top Gun fans out there! What's really great about Top Gun is that they offer discounts to customers that have their Top Gun Card, which I think costs at around $50 to enter and then $25 a year to renew (It's quite expensive but if your a frequent customer to all of their restaurants, you do get a better deal from this). Since we do have one, we got to get 30% off from our bill and for 12 items, we only paid for 60+ dollars including tip (not too shabby for the amount of food that we got). But as much as I love Top Gun, our recent visit was surprisingly disappointing. The poached vegetable that we ordered came along with a surprise guest.. A bug! (EEEEEEW!!!) My appetite seriously changed from being hungry to full in just a few seconds! I know that when vegetables are freshly picked there is a huge chance that there might be bugs in them but at least wash them thoroughly! I guess this just goes to show that they didn't wash the vegetables well enough to make sure that each one of them didn't have any creepy crawlies any more. When we complained about the bug in the vegetable dish, the server immediately asked us if we wanted a new one of the same dish, a different dish or just cancel the order. Of course, we didn't want to order the same thing again after that! and we were practically almost done eating so we just ended up cancelling the dish. I would have liked it though if they had the courtesy to give us a complimentary dessert or something else just to make up for it but I guess that's only gonna happen in my dreams. Of all the times I've been to Top Gun (and let me tell you I've been here countless of times already), this is the first time that there was a bug in our food. Other than our surprise visitor, Top Gun is actually a pretty decent restaurant and even after this fiasco for sure I will still come back for their food but maybe just stay away from their Poached Vegetable dish next time.

 Baked Bbq Pork Buns - best ever!
 Egg Tart
 Deep Fried Squid
 Fish Congee
 Poached Vegetables
 Steamed Rice Roll w/ Chinese Doughnut & Green Onion - the doughnut on the inside wasn't crispy and soft.. it was just hard and oily.

 Steamed Bbq Pork Buns
 Siu Mai
Eggplant w/ Fish Paste
 Deep Fried Taro Root w/ Sugar - one of my favorites!
 Steamed Chicken & Sausage Rice
 Steamed Sponge Cake

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