Sunday, July 22, 2012

Las Vegas Summer 2012: Jollibee & Red Ribbon

When it comes to food, Las Vegas is very well known for their high end restaurants by world renowned chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Jean George, Jean Philippe and much more. They are also famous for their overflowing buffets where you can stuff yourself with as much food as you want! But who knew Las Vegas is also one of the few places here in North America that has Jollibee and Red Ribbon???! I didn't know that!

When our family friends in Las Vegas asked us if we wanted to go.. Of course our initial reaction was OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS??? with a follow up of YES! WHEN ARE WE GOING?! right after. As I have written in one of my previous posts, Jollibee is one of my favorite places to go to growing up. I can still remember when I was still studying in the Philippines, my mom and grandmother would always buy us marienda (snack) at Jollibee after school before we head over to our tutor's house. Red Ribbon is also a huge part of my childhood because our whole family loves to eat their pastries and cakes, or to be more specific: their Chicken/Beef Empanadas, Ube Cake, Mamon, and their Banana Loaf. Since there is no Jollibee or Red Ribbon in Canada, the closest that we can get our Jollibee/Red Ribbon fix is if we go all the way to SouthCenter Mall in Seattle (around 2 1/2 hour drive from Richmond).

Located within the beautiful community of Summerlin in Las Vegas, Jollibee and Red Ribbon is an awesome fast food place to go to for meals or take outs. If only Vancouver could open a branch here.. then I wouldn't have to waste my gas and drive all the way to Seattle just to get my Peach Mango Pies and Ube Cake!

Burger Steak
Peach Mango Pie!!!


Ube Cake
Chicken and Beef Empanada

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  1. Wow sarap naman. Miss ko na din yan. Sana nga may mag open dito sa Richmond nang frsnchise ng Jollibee and Chowking, at isama na din yun Mang Inasal.