Monday, April 9, 2012

Bel Cafe (Hotel Georgia)

Hotel Georgia recently finished their renovations last year and opened two new restaurants (Hawksworth and Bel Cafe) in the downtown area under the supervision of Chef David Hawksworth. Located inside Hotel Georgia and directly across from Pacific Center, this place is another great addition to the ever growing trend of coffee/dessert/sandwich shops here in Vancouver. I always walk by this place when I'm in downtown but usually I'm either in a hurry for a meeting or I have something else planned for that day so I've never really gotten a chance to check out the place until last Saturday. Finally!
 The setting of Bel cafe is smaller than what I expected it to be so seating may be limited. The menu on the other hand is not as big as most cafes and since this is more of an up scale cafe/bakery, the items on their menu are more focused on the taste and uniqueness of their creations. The prices however are a tad bit on the pricier side but since your mostly paying for excellent service and quality food.. your pretty much getting for what you paid for. 
Some of their must try items here are their macarons and their pastries! The ones that I've tried and loved so far are their Maple Bacon Macarons, Cookies n Cream Macarons, Pistachio Macarons and their Poached Pear & Vanilla Danish. The Maple Bacon Macaron is actually my favorite out of the flavors that I've tried. The idea of putting bacon into something as small as a macaron is very intriguing to me, maybe that's why it was the first thing that I ate when the server placed the macarons on our table. At first I was expecting it to have a lot of chunky bacon pieces, but after conducting my "inspections" on the macaron, it was surprisingly light, creamy and very well made.
 Bibb Lettuce Salad: Breakfast Radish, Walnuts, Asian Pear and Cambazola
 Roasted Berkshire Pork Sandwich: Red Cabbage, Jalapeno, House Mustard
 Ham & Cheese Sandwich: French Ham, Rathtrevor, Dijon
 Poached Pear & Vanilla Danish
 Macarons: Maple Bacon, Cookies n Cream, Vanilla and Pistachio
 Their macarons are priced at $2 per piece and then $14 for a box of 8.

 If you get a chance to pass by Bel Cafe one day, at least go in and have a look at what they have to offer. I'll guarantee, you won't be able to resist at least trying one of their pastries.

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