Saturday, April 21, 2012


Miso Soup
Seto has been around for quite some time now and is very well known for their great service and delicious authentic Japanese food. Opened in 1997, the quality of Japanese food that they make still hasn't changed one bit. Located on Alexandra road in the mall right beside Sheraton hotel, the place is a bit hidden further back in the complex so it might be hard to find if it's your first time coming here. The issue of parking may be a lot easier on weekdays than on weekends because of the wave of customers that Alexandra Road's restaurants would get when it comes to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Whenever my family and I would come here one of our must have items that we always order is their house rolls. The size and taste is just perfect to us that out of all Japanese restaurants that we've been to, Seto's version is still on top of our list! They are also one of the few Japanese restaurants that still serve family boats, which is also one of the many reasons why I still love going back to Seto so much. It just brings me back to a lot of my childhood memories when I used to come here with my family as a kid. The food choices that they have in their menu is pretty huge so it may seem kind of overwhelming at first. With more options on the menu, this could also mean more visits to Seto to try out their other dishes. The prices on their items are also very reasonably priced especially for the quality and taste of the food that they serve. Some of the people that work there are pretty much still the same people that's been there since before and the service that they provide is still surprisingly well. I can't imagine Seto being open for almost 15 years now and they are still on top of their game. This place is still one of my favorite Japanese places to go to in Richmond and hopefully after trying out Seto, this could be one of your favorites too!

Ebi Sunomono
Salmon Tataki
Agadeshi Tofu
Family Boat for Two: House Roll, Chicken Karaage, Tempura, Gyoza, Salmon Teriyaki, Sunomono, Miso Soup, Fruits & Ice Cream

House Roll 

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