Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pearl Castle (Sexsmith)

Milk Tea with Pearls
Pearl Castle has changed a lot with their interior since the first time they opened, and it's nice to see how the owner of the restaurant is still making sure that the appearance of the restaurant is an important aspect when it comes to keeping on top of the restaurant business. Known for their casual Taiwanese food and bubble tea, Pearl Castle is one of the many first restaurants that converted me into a bubble tea loving foodie. If your thinking of eating in Pearl Castle however, I would suggest going to the Sexsmith location rather than the one in Richmond Center. One reason is that the Sexsmith branch is the original one that opened here first in Richmond. Second, the service and quality is way better here compared to the deficient servers and quality of food that you get at the branch in Richmond Center.

There might be some issues on seating and parking especially if you come here on weekends or during lunch/dinner rushes but other than that, the service here is good considering that this is a Taiwanese/BBT restaurant. I've been here a number of times now and sometimes I'm still indecisive as to what to order because of the variety of food and drink choices that they have to offer. If your thinking of getting appetizers or snacks their chicken nuggets, fried squid, fried tofu and Taiwanese style egg rolls are some of our favorite items to order whenever I go with family or friends. If your thinking of ordering hotpot, I would suggest trying out their Beef Brisket hot pot (if you like tomato based soups) and their Miso Seafood hot pot. When it comes to their rice meals, their red fermented pork on rice, chicken nuggets on rice, honey sauce chicken on rice, lemon chicken on rice, Taiwanese sausage on rice, and Chicken Teriyaki on fried rice are some of my favorites. And of course, being in a bubble tea restaurant, you have to have bubble tea! My staple BBT in Pearl Castle is always and forever will be their Passion fruit green tea with coconut jelly! I've tried other restaurant's versions of passion fruit green tea and personally I still prefer Pearl Castle's version better. 

Passion Fruit Green Tea 
Strawberry Banana Mix Milk
Fried Squid
Miso Seafood Hot Pot

Assorted Veggies Fried Noodle

Vegetarian Hot Pot

Golden Lemon Chicken
Beef Brisket Hot Pot

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