Monday, May 14, 2012

Bubble Waffle Cafe

Bubble Waffle Cafe is a small restaurant located in the same mall as Alleluia Cafe at Westminster Hwy. They offer practically a mix of food trends that's popular in the Asian food scene: Bubble waffles, shake shake fries, hurricane fries, teppanyaki, noodle soup (similar to deer garden), and etc. Since the semester is over, my sister and I decided to go have lunch to celebrate the end of final exams and projects. She felt like eating Teppanyaki so she suggested to just eat at Bubble Waffle Cafe. I actually wanted to go somewhere else because my last experience at Bubble Waffle wasn't as great as I was expecting it to be and this time, it isn't much of a difference either. The place is pretty small and squished so parking was an issue. Being located beside alleluia cafe wasn't the best either since a lot of people were eating there when we went which meant less parking spots were available. Upon entering the place however, there was this strong fishy smell that occupied the entire restaurant so not only was the parking a pain, now my nose had to suffer as well! The food is actually okay, it wasn't the best but it's not the worst that I've had. They also give out complimentary bubble waffles to each table which by the way you can also take home if you don't finish. There are both good and bad sides to Bubble Waffle Cafe, maybe more bad than good compared to my last visit here, but if I were to crave these food trends I would rather go some place else to eat than go back to Bubble Waffle.
Complimentary Bubble Waffle
 Hot Lemon Tea
 Hot Milk Tea
 Chicken Teppanyaki Rice with Egg
 Beef Teppanyaki with Egg

 Noodle Soup Combo: Spicy Soup, Instant Noodles, Pumpkin, Chicken Sausage and Fish Puff
 Noodle Soup Combo: Tomato and Pumpkin Soup, Vermicelli, Gai Lan, Vietnamese Ham and Fish Tofu

Shake Shake Fries: Ketchup Flavor

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