Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Soirette Macarons & Tea

There's a new macaron contender in town! And it just recently opened this past year on a small place by West Pender in downtown. Soirette Macarons & Tea is a new addition to the family of Macaron shops here in BC and compared to other places, this shop is by far the smallest one that I've been to.
 One of the few issues that I have with this place is that seating is very limited so if your planning to have a nice sit down dessert/snack/tea place, this isn't the place that I would suggest for you to go. Parking may also be another thing since it's located in downtown, the only available spots to park here are street parking. 
 The Interior of the place and their displays are decorated well, but when it comes to the variety of flavors, Soirette has a wider variety that's fancier than other places. 
 Based on the ones that I have tried so far, the macarons that they have are smaller in size. Not only that, when you bite into their macaron, the cookie is quite hollow which means that there's more air than the cookie itself. For the price that they are charging (at $2 per piece and $11.50 for a box of 6), I would rather buy Thomas Haas', Thierry's, Bel Cafe's, or Kitchening with Carly's macarons. But because of the uniqueness of the flavors that they have compared to other places, they still manage to pull in quite a fan base when it comes to these delicate sweet treats.

  Size comparison of Bel Cafe's (left) and Soirette's macarons (right)

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  1. urbanspoonbloggerMay 23, 2012 at 12:04 AM

    i would say they are the closest one to the Gods of macarons (Laduree, from Paris) in Vancouver. If you have tried Laduree or Pierre Herme, you would know that the outershell is supposed to be thinner than an eggshell to be the perfect macaron. Thierry, Bel Cafe, and Kitchening are not consistent with their macarons. Thierry and Kitchening's macarons are way too heavy for a macaron.

    1. I wish I could try Laduree but sadly I haven't had a chance to get myself to New York or Paris yet. :( And true, the macarons of Thierry and Bel Cafe are not consistent and are more on the heavier side but for price and size wise, Soirette's is a bit more pricier than other places. Their macarons are delicious it's just smaller than most of the places that I've tried here.

    2. I tried the Laduree store in London and the macarons were terrible. Way too sweet and they tasted like they were made with icing sugar, not almond flour (like J'adore les Macarons', the worst macarons I've ever had). The consistency wasn't good either, almost wet. I don't know if it's just the London store that's bad, but I'm hoping it is. Pierre Herme was much better, though I do like my macarons with a little more body. Their flavors were really intense, and the vanilla was top-notch.