Monday, May 21, 2012

East is East

East is East is a small restaurant located on Main street that caters Indian and vegetarian dishes. The place is actually pretty cool since the restaurant's interior is decorated with an Arabian like theme. Although the tables and chairs are lower compared to the usual height standard of how a chair and table is, these components do add on to the authenticity and vibe of their restaurant theme. Driving by, it may be hard to spot at first because the place is really small and being located on Main street, parking may be an issue especially during peak eating hours since street parking are the only viable spaces for you to park! 

East is East can also be described as an all you can eat type of place. They give you the option of ordering a la cart or their all you can eat option which is their silk route feast on their menu. The deal with their silk route feast is that the platter or feast is served with their dhal soup, salad, boulani, roti, Afghan and coconut rice, and two of their items on the silk route feast menu (that you can choose). The only catch is that you can't share with anyone else.  The best part of the feast however is that it comes with complimentary refills of the same or different items on their menu and only costing at about $21 I would say that this is not actually a bad deal! They also have different entertainers each night and when we went, it was gypsy jazz night so there were a couple of people playing at the front end of the restaurant while we were eating. With an all you can eat type of place located in a small area, with small tables & chairs, generous portions of food and decorations that makes you think that your out of town, this place is worth checking out! My advice for you guys before going on a feast in East is East is that make sure you save up your appetite because the Silk Route Feast is a platter that can fill you up and let you taste more or less all of their items! Make sure to also plan ahead! Meaning make reservations! This place is really small and can fill up pretty fast! Not only that,  a lot of people usually tend to get their silk route feast so the restaurant's turn over may be slower than normal which may not be a good thing if your the one waiting to be seated. Other than that, I really loved my experience here! It makes you feel like your on an adventure in a different country!

Complimentary Ginger Cha
 Silk Route Feast
 Thai Tofu (Bottom left) and Chicken Masala (Right)
Chicken Masala (Bottom left) and Lamb Kebab (Bottom right)
Thai Tofu (Left) and Miso Salmon (Upper left)
Alu Gobi (bottom left) and Afghan Eggplant (upper right)
 Ratatouille (Left) and Mango Butternut Squash (Bottom Right)

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