Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cattle Cafe (Richmond)

When it comes to HK style food, normally I wouldn't choose to eat at Cattle but since my friends invited me out for dinner at Cattle and I'm craving noodles that day, I just agreed to tag along. Cattle Cafe is located right on the other end of Alexandra Road in the same mall as Deer Garden, Haroo, and Michigans. After opening their other sister restaurant Cattle hotpot in Richmond in 2006, they decided to open up another restaurant in 2008 that would allow them to expand and cater to even more customers who loves HK style food. Currently Cattle Cafe has two locations: one in Richmond (Alexandra Rd.) and another in Burnaby (Metrotown). I've been to both Cattle Hotpot and Cattle Cafe, and when it comes to their service their restaurant is more or less the same as most HK style places are so don't expect five star service here. People in Richmond knows that usually parking in the Richmond branch is hell especially during peak eating hours and weekends! (more on the weekends probably and friday night). Since being located in a tiny mall with limited parking spots and on Alexandra Road, the only available parking spots left if not within the mall is usually street parking (which you have to pay for unless you want to carpool there, which is not a bad idea too!). Customer traffic is quite regular in Cattle Cafe so sometimes you have to wait a while before getting a seat (but when I went it was a weekend so I'm not sure if it's as traffic as it is on weekdays). But like I said, I was craving noodles that day so I ordered their noodle soup combo. However, there were a few things that I found that made me dislike their noodle soup: 1. Their fish soup is more fishier than I had in mind (smell and taste wise). 2. I super love spicy food but when I ordered their Szechuan Spicy soup, I was really surprised at how red the whole bowl is. Not really what I was expecting to drink! I still prefer Deer Garden's version better. Even though there are some qualities that I find unlikeable in their noodle soup, I'll admit it's not the worst one that I've tried and I can tell you I've had worse! But if you don't like noodles, their rice meals are pretty good and a better option for me too I think (If I do get a chance to go back next time). If your thinking of getting an appetizer or a snack here at Cattle, their bubble waffles are not a bad choice either.

 Lemon Ribena
Chicken Teriyaki Rice
Pork Chop in Cream Onion Bacon Demi-Glaze with Rice
 Noodle Soup Combo: Tomato & Pumpkin fish soup, Rice Noodles, Cuttlefish Balls and Sliced Beef
Noodle Soup Combo: Szechuan Spicy soup, Vermicelli, Fish Fillet, Pumpkin and Enoki Mushrooms

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