Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Phnom Penh

This place has got to be best and number one spot to go to for Vietnamese/Cambodian food! Words cannot describe how good this place is so I'll let my pictures speak for itself! Located on 244 East Georgia in Chinatown, this place has the best chicken wings Vancouver has to offer! I didn't really think that this place would still be so packed since me and my friends decided to go grab a late bite to eat but when we got their around 8:15pm, we still had to wait for half an hour before we were able to get a table.  To be honest, when I first visited Phnom Penh I was expecting the restaurant to be as bad as it looks on the outside, but surprisingly it doesn't look that bad (I've seen worse). Since Phnom Penh is located in Chinatown, parking may be an issue when it comes to eating during peak dining hours especially since this place is usually packed I would suggest going early or at least have someone there earlier to put your name down, it will save time I guarantee that!

Some of their must try/order items here are their butterbeef, their filet beef luc lac on rice with egg, their mango moo shake and of course, their super awesome chicken wings! Although we didn't order the mango moo shake and the beef luc lac on this trip, we did however order their butterbeef and chicken wings along with their hot & sour fish soup and trieu chau (fried rice) to try.

 Chicken Wings
Hot & Sour Fish Soup

Trieu Chau

Phnom Penh should be on top of everyone's list of places to eat! foodie or no foodie! It should also be in your list of places to eat before you die! (Am I taking it too far? :P) With reasonable prices and food that tastes divine and guilty good (especially their chicken wings!) this restaurant doesn't disappoint in satisfying your taste buds and tummy that's for sure!

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