Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jade Seafood Restaurant: Dim sum

I would describe this restaurant as one of the busiest Chinese restaurants here in Richmond and the most pain to find parking for especially on the weekends! Located on the busiest street in Richmond (Alexandra Road), Jade Seafood Restaurant has already won quite a handful of awards from best dim sum restaurant to best fine dining restaurant.

Living in Richmond, there are countless Chinese restaurants to choose from that are pretty amazing and unique in their menu but Jade Seafood has a better edge in their food dishes than some places. Why? Because of the quality and taste of their food. Service wise however, it depends. Now before going to Jade, I made an effort to call in a day before to make a reservation for four at 12:45 for Mother's Day and I was talking to a nice lady on the phone who surprisingly speaks very good English too. Also, since Mother's Day falls on a Sunday I wanted to make sure that we won't have to wait that long because for sure the place will be jam packed the whole day with a lot of  people wanting to celebrate mother's day as well. However, when we went the next day the hostess that was working was very rude to us and angrily told us in a loud voice that we did not make a reservation even though I did the day before. It was kind of annoying how she would act that way towards customers plus it was mother's day too which kind of killed the happy celebration mood for a bit. Luckily however our story had a good ending! One of the managers know my mom pretty well and was able to very nicely handle our situation and give us a table. Other than the rude hostess, the service that we got after that was incredible which in the end still made it quite enjoyable for our mother's day celebration.

For four people (all girls btw) you would be surprised at how much we could eat! We ordered 12 dishes and almost everything was finished except one of the baked bbq pork buns and two of the deep fried sweet buns that we had to take home, but other than that most of the plates were wiped out clean! There's a lot of stuff to choose from in their menu but when you get a chance to go there for dim sum I would highly recommend trying out their Baked Mushroom Pie, Pickled Ginger with Century Egg Prawn Roll, Portuguese Egg Tarts, Pan Fried Bean Curd Roll w/ Mushrooms, Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Layered Cake with Egg, and their Blueberry Glutinous Ball (it's mochi like cold dessert). Although there's still a couple more items that I haven't tried and wanted to try out from their menu, I only have one stomach and sadly there's no more room after ordering 12 dishes (I'll order more on my next trip!). With numerous awards, never ending customers and great tasting food.. what's holding you back from trying out one of the top rated Chinese restaurants here in Richmond? A little warning though.. parking might be a challenge especially on the weekends so be prepared!

Baked Almond Cream Bun

Vegetable Congee
 Condiments for congee
Pickled Ginger with Century Egg Prawn Roll
 Deep Fried Sweet Buns
Condensed Milk (for deep fried sweet buns)
 Pan Fried Bean Curd Roll with Mushroom
Steamed Vegetable with Preserve Vegetable
 Steamed Mushroom Dumpling
Baked Bbq Pork Bun
 Baked Mushroom Pie
 Portugese Egg Tart
Steamed Pork Dumpling
Blueberry Glutinous Ball

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